Toothbrushing Academy

The majority of our patients strive to brush correctly, so, what could possibly explain that dentists still find faults?

Us doctors often feel that patients are reluctant to talk about this topic. They skim over it by saying they brush their teeth several times a day, even after every meal, so in their opinion, there can’t be anything wrong. When we give advice, they sometimes react a little resentfully, since they cannot imagine how much good technique matters. Instead they are prone to blaming their problems on inherited poor tooth material. However, the reality is that even the worst situation can be corrected and a better condition can be preserved for a long time, even for life. Nonetheless, an electric toothbrush is not enough, even if it is paired with the most expensive toothpaste. The world is changing, our knowledge and opportunities are growing in every field, and tooth brushing is no exception.

The vast majority of dental diseases can be prevented simply by correcting the brushing technique. In our Toothbrushing Academy program, our patients are introduced to the latest methods, with which they can achieve excellent oral hygiene. In different situations, such as irregular position of teeth, bridges and implants, we use different tools. Following professional cleaning, we provide personalized advice on the use of new cleaning equipment and give patients an opportunity to try them.