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Dr. Renáta Heintz

CEO of Presidentist

The relationship between the patient and the doctor is special. It is built on trust and it is very fragile. The demand for high quality can only be satisfied by precision and first-rate expertise; however, I as a medical practicioner believe empathy must be the key.

Finding the the optimal solution requires care and attention. Resolutions assembled on the production line may be cheaper but also mediocre.

Our aim is to meet the unique requirements of each patient while keeping old-fashioned human relationships dear but being always restless in technological development. At the clinic we are caring for people according to the latest principles of treatment and newest opportunities of science.

Cutting Edge Technology

High-Tech Surgery

  • guided implantation
  • minimally invasive surgeries
  • 3D bone grafting
  • ultrasonic piezosurgery technology

Digital Dentistry

  • digital smile design
  • computerized surgical design
  • digital impressions
  • tooth replacement with digitally controlled milling technology

How Can We Help?

Choose from our treatments based on your symptoms


broken tooth, discolouration, cold/warm/bite sensitivity, pain, unpleasant breath


bleeding gums, tartar, receding gums, moving teeth, swollen/red gums, unpleasant breath

Root canal treatment

tooth pain, broken tooth, bite sensitivity, discolouration, cyst/ abscess, unpleasant breath


lack of teeth, irreparable teeth, toothlessness, treatments relating orthodontics

Oral Surgery

impacted wisdom teeth, impacted teeth, irreparable teeth, cysts and abscesses, bone replacement, mucosal abnormalities


tooth loss, aesthetic problems, jaw clicking/pain, ageing replacements, unpleasant breath


irregular position of teeth (extrusion/rotation/gaps), tooth loss, bite disorders, aesthetic disharmony, a solution without the extraction of teeth, for adults as well

Toothbrushing Academy

new tools, a new concept of oral hygiene

Toothbrushing Academy

Our Team

Dr. Georgina Michailovits

dentist, specialist in periodontology

Dr. Renáta Heinz

general practitioner and dentist, specialist in dental and oral diseases, oral surgeon, conserving dentistry and prosthetics specialist, maxillofacial surgeon, MSc Qualification (Master of Oral Medicine in Implantology)

Dr. Tamás Takács

dentist, specialist in conserving dentistry and prosthetics, MSc Qualification (Master of Oral Medicine in Implantology

Kriszta Tóth

dental assistant

Franciska Csóti

dental assistant


Our offices, waiting room, reception

Make An Appointment

Send us an e-mail at info@presidentist.hu or call us on +36 30 821 7530. We are also looking forward to seeing you at our Dental Clinic at140 Fodor Street, Budapest, 1124.

Parking is free in the parking lot of the Clinic.

Access by public transport:
From Újbuda centre (ALLEE shopping centre) take bus 53 to the final stop (Mindszenty Jószef bíboros tér).
Directions from Újbuda Centre here.

From Széll Kálmán square take tram 59 to Márton Áron tér (final stop),then transfer to bus 53 and travel to the last stop.
Directions from Széll Kálmán Square Centre here.

We are also looking forward to seeing you in our Szeged based Dental Clinic in 14 Gém Street, Szeged, 6723.

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